Policies and Procedures

Farmers Market

Policies and Procedures

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor we are proud to serve as a small business incubator. Every vendor is carefully screened with a commitment to creating a diverse marketplace with the highest quality of locally produced products available.

These Markets reserve unconditional discretion to accept or refuse anyone as a market vendor, the selection process takes into consideration many factors including product quality, sourcing, growing practices, presentation, seniority, safety, compliance, grandfathered vendors, customer service and the right product mix to ensure a successful market for everyone.

Booth Fees, Sales Reporting, and Payment

10% of vendors’ daily gross proceeds will be collected via Venmo. Please be sure to have an account set up if accepted into the Market. Failure to comply with fee payment on Market days may result in a $15.00 fine. Vendors will not be allowed to set up until past obligations have been cleared.

Vendors are required to honestly report all sales made by the vendor or vendor’s agents at each Market. FAILURE TO ACCURATELY REPORT ALL SALES WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE EXPULSION FROM THE MARKET WITH NO RETURN RIGHTS.

The Market Manager will collect payment at the conclusion of the market. Failure to comply with fee payment on Market days will result in a $15.00 fine. Vendors will not be allowed to set up until past obligations have been cleared.


If you cannot attend the Market on a day you have committed to, please contact the Market Manager 48 hours in advance. Failure to do so may result in a $50 fine. Please be considerate of your fellow vendors, patrons and Market Manager and Staff. If day of emergencies arise, please TEXT the Market Manager.


All vendors with assigned stalls must be at their stall 30 minutes prior to the start of the market or have made prior arrangements with the Market Manager. After that time the stall will no longer be held for assigned vendor. Violations of this policy could result in loss of assigned stall on the day of the violation. Repeat violations may result in loss of assigned stall space or expulsion from the Market.

Stall Assignments

The Market Manager will make all stall assignments. Vendor locations and other considerations are made at the Market Manager’s discretion taking into consideration product mix, customer flow, special promotions, and vendor seniority. While we will try to keep your space consistent, your space is subject to change.

Set-Up and Tear-Down

The street will be closed to all “through” traffic 2 hours prior to the start of the market and 2 hours following the conclusion of the market.

Vendor set-up will begin 2 hours prior to the opening of the market and must be concluded 30 minutes before the market opens. During the set-up and tear-down periods vendors may enter the Market area with their vehicles for the purpose of unloading or loading only (except vendors with parking rights). All vendors parking on-site must have an approved metal oil drip pan under their vehicles at all times. A Vendor may not begin setting up his or her stall spaces until his or her vehicle is moved offsite. Vendors should unload promptly and then move vehicles offsite.

A clear and drivable lane must be kept open at all times. A Vendor may not begin setting up his or her stall spaces until his or her vehicle is moved offsite.

All vendors are required to remain at their stall spaces until the closing of the market even if they have sold all their goods.

Vendors may not leave the Market to retrieve their vehicles until they have completely taken down their stall space(s) including packing up all remaining product, collapsing canopies or tents, and cleaning up any debris. NO VEHICLES WILL BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE SITE UNTIL AT LEAST 20 MINUTES AFTER THE CLOSE OF THE MARKET or whenever the street is free of Patrons. Please follow the direction of the event staff manning the barricades.

Violations of these policy could result in loss of assigned stall on the day of the violation. Repeat violations may result in loss of assigned stall space or expulsion from the Market

Stall Clean Up

Vendors are responsible for cleaning his/her stall area to the satisfaction of the Market Manager. This includes removing all debris, sweeping and, if necessary, washing down the stall site. Vendors are expected to remove all waste generated by the sale of their product. Vendors must not dump oil or oil debris into flowerbeds, garden areas, streets, sidewalks, or storm drains, sinks, toilets or anywhere else within the Market Site.

All vendors must bring containers suitable for waste removal, including oily waste. Prepared food vendors must have an impermeable tarp or mat under the entire stall to protect the sidewalks and streets from grease and food waste and as well as overhead coverage if required by the Denver County Health Department.

Vendors not adhering to this policy risk cleaning fines.


All vendors must haul out their trash at the end of the day. On-site trash receptacles are for customer use only. Ready to eat food and beverage vendors are required to use compostable goods including: straws, lids, forks, spoons, bowls, etc.


All vendors who wish to erect canopies on the Market site during a normal period of operations, including set-up and takedown periods, are required to have their canopies sufficiently and safely anchored to the ground from the time the canopy is erected to the time it is taken down. A rule of thumb for weights is 40# per leg of your canopy.

Any vendor who fails to properly anchor his or her canopy will not be allowed to sell at the Market on that day, unless the canopy is first taken down and stowed.


Pricing of goods sold at the Market is solely the responsibility of the individual vendor.

Permits and Licenses

All vendors are required to ensure their own compliance with all applicable licensing and permitting requirements, as well as with any and all applicable city, state and federal laws, statutes and regulations. Some of those items that may apply are set forth below.

Vendors are required to comply with City and County of Denver and State of Colorado policies; all taxes, licenses, permits and liability/product insurance are the responsibility of the Vendor.

All Vendors are required to have a State of Colorado Sales Tax License.

Vendors selling food must have a temporary retail food license from the City and County of Denver (if you have a temporary restaurant permit from another City you are required to obtain a permit from the City of Denver as well

If you will have an open flame at your booth please contact the City of Denver Fire Department for information on receiving an open flame permit.

Vendors are required to have all documentation and permits on site during the Farmers Market. It is the sole responsibility of the vendor to comply with special event city policies.

If the market incurs a fine of any kind for a vendor’s non-compliance, HobNob Events will pass along that fine to the vendor and vendor may incur an additional minimum fee of $1000 – $25,000, depending on incurred legal / licensing fees.

The Denver Tax Rate is 4.81%

Further information on temporary retail food license

To obtain a temporary retail food license, you must:

Complete an Affidavit of Commissary. A commissary kitchen is a licensed, inspected commercial kitchen that is used for food and equipment storage, food preparation, and ware-washing. The affidavit of commissary must be completed by you in conjunction with the commissary operator. If your commissary kitchen is outside the City and County of Denver, the establishment must be currently licensed with the proper regulatory agency.

Complete the Temporary Restaurant Acknowledgement Letter. This letter specifies requirements pertaining to the operation of your temporary restaurant. Please be aware that in addition to the requirements outlined in the acknowledgement letter, the temporary restaurant shall operate within the rules and regulations of the City and County of Denver Food Establishment Regulations.

Submit the completed forms to the Denver Department of Environmental Health, Public Health Inspection at 200 W. 14th Ave, Suite 200 via fax at 720-865-5532 or via email at phicomments@denvergov.org. After review of both documents, an approved Affidavit of Commissary and a copy of the acknowledgement letter will be returned to the operator. A copy of both documents will be kept on file at the Denver Department of Environmental Health.

Submit the approved Affidavit of Commissary to the Denver Department of Excise & Licenses, located on the 2nd floor at the Wellington Webb Building at 201 W. Colfax Avenue, to obtain a Temporary Restaurant License.

The Colorado Cottage Foods Law: Passed in 2012 allows for the manufacture and sale of some baked goods without any licensing or regulatory requirements. See this link for more information under the “Guidance on Colorado Cottage Foods Bill” heading.

Operating under this law will have a number of requirements that must be adhered to, including education requirements and a cap on the amount of revenue generated. Also these foods can only be sold retail—not wholesale. In order to operate under this law at a temporary event, a vendor must have all their food prepackaged (no open food handling at the event) and labeled according to the requirements in the law (see the link for more info).


Vendors are required to obtain general liability insurance, and name HobNob Events and the South Pearl Street Association as additional insureds. Food vendors must have liability coverage of at least $1,000,000.00. A certificate of insurance must be provided to the Market Manager upon vendor’s acceptance into the Market. HobNob Events and the Markets are not responsible for any loss or damage incurred or caused by vendors.

Signage and Labeling

Each booth space must prominently display a sign clearly identifying the farm or business by name and location. All product descriptions must be accurate. Signs may not be placed in the walk ways.


All vendors are required to advertise truthfully and to respond to customers’ questions in a like manner.

Farm products originating outside of Colorado must be clearly identified by prominently displayed signage.

Organic Labeling

Vendors advertising products that are “Organic”, “Unsprayed” or “Natural”, etc. are not required to be certified by any recognized certification agency. All vendors are required to advertise truthfully and to respond to customers’ questions in a like manner.

Weights, Measures, and Labeling

All weighing or measuring instruments or devices used for commercial purposes must be correct. This ensures that buyers receive sufficient and accurate information with which to compare quantity and price. Pre-packaged products must be labeled with the quantity and/or amount. Vendors in violation of this policy will be expelled from the Market with no return rights.

Vendor Behavior

Vendors shall dress appropriately and engage with the Market Manager, staff, other vendors and patrons in a courteous manner. If vendor or employee(s) should become unruly it may result in immediate expulsion from the market, at the Market Manager’s discretion. If the conflict continues, Market Manager has the right to reach out to law enforcement for assistance.

Please limit selling to inside your booth, all vendors and employees must remain inside the booth. “Hawking” is strictly prohibited.

Smoking Policy

Vendors are not permitted to smoke in or around their booth area. You must move away from the marketplace.

Grievance Policy

The Market Manager or his/her designee has the right to impose disciplinary action at the Market site. In the event of customer dissatisfaction, the dispute must be resolved to the satisfaction of the customer and Market Manager in a timely manner. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the Market.

The Market Manager has the authority to grant exceptions to Market policies on an individual basis for reasons of dire need. Should any vendor, at any time, occupy the premises in a manner contrary to this agreement, upon request of Market Manager, the vendor shall immediately cease such offending conduct. Failure to immediately comply as requested shall be cause for the revocation of this permit and expulsion from the Market.

Upon revocation, vendor shall promptly vacate premises. Upon failure to vacate, the Market shall have removed all property of vendor from the premises at vendor’s expense. The Market is relieved and discharged from any/all loss or damage caused by such removal. The Market shall not be responsible for storage or safekeeping of property so removed.

Market Manager

The Market Manager (or designee) coordinates all the activities of the weekly functioning of the Market and implements Market policies, including oversight of the Market set-up and cleanup, daily assignments, collection of stall fees commissions and sales information, and assuring vendor compliance with all Farmers Market policies. The Market Manager also acts as a conduit of information from the vendors and customers to the Farmers Market Committee. The Market Manager has complete authority to interpret and implement Market policy.

Please keep a copy of the Market Policies and Procedures for your records.

By attaching your signature to the HobNob Events Farmers Market application, the Vendor and their Employee(s) agree to the policies and procedures as listed above and agree not to hold the Neighborhood Associations, the Market Coordinator, HobNob Events and any of their agents liable for injuries, losses or expenses arising out of the permitted activity or any activity association with the conduct of the applicant’s operation associated with this event.